GoMad android application


Proof-of-concept wherein each ear-bud will play a different song. The main advantage being you can share your earphones with a person who has a different taste in music who is sitting next to you maybe.


Using an API in the android library that enables this namely the audio manager class and clever design of code.


Recognized as one of the top 10 hacks at inGenius 2013, the flagship event from PESIT south campus sponsored by ACM.

It was published to the google store, but not maintained and has since been brought down.


Same as here – Smart Dustbin


Effectiveness of keywords while explaining your application to a judge. Working against the clock.


The more the merrier – the more your broadcast your work the more appreciation you will receive. The adrenaline rush one gets when running out of time with a lot let to do. Interaction with people from the industry.